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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Throughout the long history of the game, chess has been regarded as both a science and an art. The intrigue and admiration it elicits are well-deserved; to master the game is no easy feat. The possibilities of a single move are endless. To conquer your opponent, you must not only anticipate their next move but influence it as well. Chess is a battle of nerves as much as it is a battle of tactics and strategy.

The sophistication of a game of chess may once have seemed intimidating but a series on Netflix is set to change that. The Queen’s Gambit follows the life of fictional chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon. The show, titled after a chess opening of the same name, quickly became Netflix’s most-watched limited series. Over 62 million households around the world have watched the show, captivated by harmon’s rise to the top of the chess world.

The Queen’s Gambit has not only sparked the imaginations of seasoned chess masters, it has garnered the attention of a new generation of players. The profile of the game has been raised, thrusting chess into the spotlight and sparking a surge in popularity the world over. With scenes of an impeccably dressed harmon poised over an exquisite chess board, similar to this striking purling chess set, it’s easy to see why.

The Queen’s Gambit has established chess as a game of style and flair. A game which everyone wants to master. Our range of luxury chess sets are designed to bring you all the beauty and elegance the board game has to offer. In partnership with purling London and Italfama, we ensure each chess set is of the finest quality and craftsmanship, offering you the opportunity to play with the captivating style so epitomised by harmon.

Whilst the mystery of mastering the game remains, the hit Netflix series has revealed a new generation of eager players, enrapturing audiences the world over and ultimately making a luxury chess set a must-have.

Browse our luxury chess sets now to be inspired.

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